#FamilyWars: ” Morpurgo House May be Back on the Block “(Sag Harbor, ny) — in nyt …

(on ne pensait pas si bien dire: mais, dans cette histoire, ils se battent pour + d’un million de dollars …)


[Cet article raconte une querelle de famille qui a Fait la Une pendant des mois … in Sag harbor, ny —a small town I know well in/near the Hamptons http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sag_Harbor,_New_York

Famous for the whaling port of yesteryear.  Literary haven for great writers such as Steinbeck — pop: 2, 000. ” Save Sag harbor” … was a recent campaign for what remains a very ” Un-Hamptons ” place ]


Morpurgo House May be Back on the Block

Posted on 22 June 2009



It appears the saga that is the Morpurgo house on Union Street, Sag Harbor continues, although this time the two sisters at the heart of the lore surrounding the historic structure are not a part of the most recent dispute regarding the residence. Rather, lenders for the couple who initially purchased the property are attempting to foreclose on the parcel and possibly develop it themselves after alleging they did not receive payments of interest on their loan for over six months.

In October of 2007, after years of court battles and two previous, unsuccessful court-ordered public auctions, the Union Street residence was sold at auction for $1,460,000 to a man named Brandon and a woman named Tina, who later purchased the home under the limited liability corporation Captain Hulbert House. The house had been at the center of a dispute between sisters Annselm and Helga Morpurgo, who battled in court over the ownership and sale of the residence.

According to their attorney at the time of the auction, Dustin J. Dente, the couple planned to lovingly restore the historic structure and was considering what their options would be under the existing certificate of occupancy at the Union Street residence, which showed eight apartments original to the home. Last year, after some legal wrangling to get Annselm and two women staying at the home off the premises, attorney George Guldi, acting on behalf of the owners, inspected the inside of the residence, which appeared to be without plumbing and was filled with debris and garbage, to assess its structural integrity in hopes of getting a project off the ground.

According to Hempstead attorney Samuel Glass, who is currently listed in Southampton Town records under the Captain Hulbert House LLC contact information, he and a group of lenders loaned Brandon Lisi and Tina Nannis the money to purchase the property and complete renovations. According to Glass, the property is presently in foreclosure as he and his group of lenders were not paid interest on their loan for over six months.

The lenders are now interested in seeing what can be done with the property, or selling it, according to Glass.

“We probably would like to sit down with the building department and iron out what we can do with the property,” said Glass on Tuesday. “Then we will either build on it or sell it.”


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