Family Wars: ” Morpurgo House May be Back on the Block “(Sag Harbor, ny) — in nyt …

The Long Way Around The (my mom's) House

[Cet article raconte une querelle de famille qui a Fait la Une pendant des mois … in Sag harbor, ny —a small town I know well in/near the Hamptons,_New_York

Famous for the whaling port of yesteryear.  Literary haven for great writers such as Steinbeck — pop: 2, 000. ” Save Sag harbor” … was a recent campaign for what remains a very ” Un-Hamptons ” place ]

Morpurgo House May be Back on the Block

Posted on 22 June 2009

Tags: Annselm MorpurgoDustin DenteGeorge GuldiHelga MorpurgoSag Harbor


It appears the saga that is the Morpurgo house on Union Street, Sag Harbor continues, although this time the two sisters at the heart of the lore surrounding the historic structure are not a part of the most recent dispute regarding the residence. Rather, lenders for the couple who initially purchased the property…

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